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Money Diary #005 - April in Review

April involved a whirlwind of vacation planning. The travel bookings did a number on my budget since I was the main person placing the charges on my credit cards.

Here's where I landed in April (numbers rounded for simplicity):

Top highlights for this month by bucket:

1. Grad School Savings & Payments

Had a reprieve this month, but summer tuition is due next month. I am planning to take a full load of courses, so I’m ready to deploy my tuition hack once again.

2. Home

Nothing special happened, just mortgage and HOA. I forgot that it is in fact my car insurance that comes up in April.

3. Necessities
     - $1,018, Auto insurance. This is how much I pay for 6 months of insurance coverage. While a car affords me freedom to travel around town and out of NYC, it comes at a cost.
     - $70, Portable jump starter. It was finally time to get one since I had to ask for a jump start in the past and/or call for roadside assistance. This makes me feel more secure on the road. I just saw that the one I bought from the GOOLOO brand on Amazon is selling for just over $50 as a lightning deal. (comes with a light that has strobe and flashing settings. It's practically a party machine!)

4. Fun & Frustration
     - $2,508, Vacation travel. This is a combination of flights and lodging reservations for six people for various trips. Apparently, I’m the most responsible and savvy deal-finder, so I get the place the booking once we lock in on the trip. Yes to racking up cash back and credit card points! All individuals will fully repay me by next month (I know where they live if they try to pull a fast one 👀🤭).

It was profoundly chaotic at work last month. I remembered feeling like I was riding a wave of euphoria once a report was done, followed by doom & gloom once another report was queued up. I also delivered my first presentation to a key decision-maker and received positive feedback from her and my boss. While booking flights and coordinating travel plans was stressful, it was a good counterpart to the stress I faced at work. How the heck does having two stressful events at once make both of them feel manageable? Well, the world doth worketh in mysterious ways.

How did you do in April? Any highlights? Let me know in the comments!


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Top highlights for this month by bucket:
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Here's where I landed in February (numbers rounded for simplicity):

Highlights by Bucket:
1. Grad School Savings & Payments
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