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Replacement for Mint - Update!

I set out this month to complete 3 money moves. Now that we're two thirds of the way through the month, I definitely can see what I did well, and where I fell off. What I'm finding most fun is researching for a new budget / financial tracker / money management tool. More daunting? Networking online and writing up posts. I've only managed to comment on 5 different YT channels and websites. I'm also very far behind on my catch-up of 8 posts this month since this is only my 3rd post. There's time yet, though! On to the main event, here's my update on finding a Mint replacement.

Assess new budget/financial trackers (Bye bye, Mint?).      What I got out of my research? Mainly 2 points:      1. I will never pay for a budget app or financial tracker app and neither should any money savvy individual.       There has been and forever will always be too many budget and personal finance apps on the market. Some apps are feature heavy (link to bank accounts, auto-updated fr…

10 under $10 - Weekday Lunch Spots in Manhattan (May 2019)

This weekend was particularly rainy, but still very eventful thanks to Mother's Day! I had an early mothers day celebration Saturday night with my family with some delicious food in Chinatown. Also just watched another stunning episode of Game of Thrones... just one episode left!

Anyway, for this post I thought I'd turn to one of my favorite topics: food! It's great to live and work in NYC where you can quality food without spending your whole paycheck. For lunch during the weekdays, I try to get something filling and delicious.

Here's 10 places to get delicious lunch for under $10 in Manhattan. These places won't appear in any fancy foodie magazine (maybe a Vendy award), but they're a downright bargain. You can trust me, as a native New Yorker, to not steer you wrong. Yelp links or Google Maps included below so you can browse locations, photos and reviews!
"Fast Casual" - Grab & go or assembly line spots. BBQ Olive Chicken [Ktown] (Yelp link | Goo…

Money Diary #005 - April in Review

April involved a whirlwind of vacation planning. The travel bookings did a number on my budget since I was the main person placing the charges on my credit cards.

Here's where I landed in April (numbers rounded for simplicity):

Top highlights for this month by bucket:

1. Grad School Savings & Payments

Had a reprieve this month, but summer tuition is due next month. I am planning to take a full load of courses, so I’m ready to deploy my tuition hack once again.

2. Home

Nothing special happened, just mortgage and HOA. I forgot that it is in fact my car insurance that comes up in April.

3. Necessities
     - $1,018, Auto insurance. This is how much I pay for 6 months of insurance coverage. While a car affords me freedom to travel around town and out of NYC, it comes at a cost.
     - $70, Portable jump starter. It was finally time to get one since I had to ask for a jump start in the past and/or call for roadside assistance. This makes me feel more secure on the road. I just saw…

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