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Top 5 Money Tips to Start Your Week

Many people truly dread Mondays, because they think about looming deadlines and impending meetings. And what-- how did 50 more emails magically in appeared my work inbox since Friday? You can take control of your Monday blues by using these 5 money tips to feel good about the coming week!

1. Make Monday a “no spend day”
Accomplishing a challenge can release powerful, feel-good endorphins and this one is no different. If you meal prep on Sundays, this should make things easier. On Monday, make and eat breakfast at home. This'll allow you to seize the day with confidence. Then use the tips below to make quick work of this challenge! If Monday isn’t doable, challenge yourself to do a “no spend day” another day during the week.

2. Try a new money-saving app
Have you heard of the Ritual app? Ritual is touted as a "social ordering" app that allows users to place meal pickups at many local restaurants in Manhattan. I love Ritual because it’s user-friendly, there’s a reward aspect, and most importantly zero menu price markups (looking at you, *insert name of nearly every other food/delivery app*)! Click my referral link to get $10 to use on your first Ritual purchase.

3. 48-Hour purchase rule
It’s easy to get trigger-friendly when you’re online shopping - especially if you’re bored or stressed out at work. The best way to save your wallet is delayed gratification. Don’t buy anything online unless you give it a full 48 hours of mulling it out. After two days, you may find out that you didn’t want to make that impulse buy after all. If it’s something you still want and it’s within budget, go for it. If you’re lucky, the price might've dropped since your last add to cart.

4. Drink water
Yes, this is a money tip! Instead of going out and buying a $5 coffee, how about heading to the nearest water fountain to get a drink of water instead? If you don’t like the plain taste of water, considering making tea or jazzing your water up with homemade fruit slices or a squirt of lemon or lime (bottled ones work fine, too). It helps to keep a pretty water bottle or your fav mug at your desk so you'd actually want to use it. And bring your favorite tea pouches or loose leaf tea to work and you’ll definitely make some new tea-loving friends in the office.

5. Take 5mins to record last week’s spending
Taking inventory of your money is something I mentioned in my Money Mastery blog series. Monday is a good day to log your cash expenses while the purchases are still fresh in your head. Use the method that works best for you- pen and paper, Excel, or an app. As long as you track consistently, you can assess if you’re within budget and making good decisions with your money.

Enjoy your week, and I’ll see you next time!


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