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MMD’s April 2019 Money Moves

April is a mere six days away! Here's some of my money moves for our first month of spring.

1. Invest (time) in your true 2019 goals.
     There are some new years’ goals that fall off the wayside, and should stay there. They weren't meant to be, or frankly, weren't well thought out.
     However, there are some goals that you know 100% that you want to achieve this year and those are the ones you gotta keep fighting the good fight for. Whether it's to get a new career, learn a new skill, work on your passion project or hobby, or relocate for an amazing job-- you know in your gut what those true goals are.
     Literally or figuratively, investing in yourself is so, so important! It doesn't have to involve money, but investing your time is essential.

2. File your taxes.
     Tax Day is April 15th. It lands on a Monday this year, so if you haven't started your taxes, try booking a few hours here and there to get it done before you stress away that weekend.
     Personally, I used TurboTax and filed earlier this month. My method involves stockpiling all the documents I need into one spot digitally and physically. This means W2s, 1099s, 1098s, etc. Then I load TurboTax and push myself to complete a submission all the way up to the screen where it says I'm ready to efile, at which time I save my work and step away from the laptop. I sit on my application for a few days and then go back to review and submit. I might do this review multiple times. Why? I check everything with fresh eyes so that I know I entered in all the numbers correctly for my earnings, expenses, and deductions. I also want to make sure I haven't mistakenly left out a statement.
     Most importantly, don't leave money on the table or forget to report earnings, which can lead to a tax audit and major fines.

3. Pay it forward.
     If there are people in your life that have been reaching out for help, see what ways you can help if it's within your power. My younger cousins in high school and college often come to me for advice on papers, jobs and careers. I don't hesitate to help out because I've been in their shoes before and I know that having resources and differing perspectives were crucial to my development as a young person.
     If you're in a management level position, think of ways to connect and give back selflessly. There are people in your network at all stages of their career and you can help them by making a connection or referral. In turn, they may one day be able to refer you to an amazing opportunity in the future.

4. Reconnect with your mentors.
     Take some time to reach out to your mentor(s). Do you think it's awkward to contact someone out of the blue? No, just do it! Mentors could've been anyone who actively or previously helped you get to where you are-- teachers, past bosses, etc. Make some time to catch up with them on what's going on in their lives and share what's going on in yours. They would love to hear from you. As a sign of gratitude, definitely pick up the tab for that coffee or lunch when you meet up!

Are you ready for April yet? What other money moves are you planning next month? Looking forward to your comments!


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