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MMD’s April 2019 Money Moves

April is a mere six days away! Here's some of my money moves for our first month of spring.

1. Invest (time) in your true 2019 goals.
     There are some new years’ goals that fall off the wayside, and should stay there. They weren't meant to be, or frankly, weren't well thought out.
     However, there are some goals that you know 100% that you want to achieve this year and those are the ones you gotta keep fighting the good fight for. Whether it's to get a new career, learn a new skill, work on your passion project or hobby, or relocate for an amazing job-- you know in your gut what those true goals are.
     Literally or figuratively, investing in yourself is so, so important! It doesn't have to involve money, but investing your time is essential.

2. File your taxes.
     Tax Day is April 15th. It lands on a Monday this year, so if you haven't started your taxes, try booking a few hours here and there to get it done before you stress away that weekend.

$93 at Trader Joe's (March Grocery Trip)

I'm not sure if this is true for many people, but I actually love to wander around supermarkets the same way other people go shopping for clothes or shoes. It's always interesting to see the latest brands and the newest types of snacks.
In the recent few years, I've done most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I've found it a very affordable alternative to Whole Foods in terms of organic items and overall freshness quality. I used to be an avid purveyor of Whole Foods, Fine Fare, Fairway, Key Food, and Morton Williams. Depending on the location, these supermarkets would have multiple floors, expansive seating (good for studying or chilling out), clean bathrooms, and rows and rows of goodies!
While Trader Joe's doesn't have any frills, it does fulfill my foodie cravings and grocery needs this month!
$93.25 got me 38 items, averaging $2.45 per item. Breakdown (pennies rounded up): $20.00 - Frozen Meals: 1 scallops & mushroom pack, 1 seafood paella, 2 …

One Thing Money Can't Buy: Values

Time and time again, weathly people use their money for nefarious self-serving purposes. To bend the rules, act above the law, and basically buy their way into or out of situations.

Spoiler alert: social commentary ahead.

In pop culture last week, the media ate alive Lori Loughlin, Felicity Hoffman, and dozens of other affluent people across various fields. These figureheads paid upward of $500,000 to get their kids into prestigious colleges or universities, and they were caught. The indictment implicated not just the parents, but admissions counselors and coaches who were bribed with millions along the way.

In this case, these parents definitely felt a sense of entitlement. They thought by using their money, they can fast track their children to elite institutions of higher education, even when these kids don't want to go (except for the parties). They also clearly thought that they wouldn't get caught.

Let's be real, though- this scandal isn't an isolated incident. I'…

Top 5 Money Tips to Start Your Week

Many people truly dread Mondays, because they think about looming deadlines and impending meetings. And what-- how did 50 more emails magically in appeared my work inbox since Friday? You can take control of your Monday blues by using these 5 money tips to feel good about the coming week!

1. Make Monday a “no spend day”
Accomplishing a challenge can release powerful, feel-good endorphins and this one is no different. If you meal prep on Sundays, this should make things easier. On Monday, make and eat breakfast at home. This'll allow you to seize the day with confidence. Then use the tips below to make quick work of this challenge! If Monday isn’t doable, challenge yourself to do a “no spend day” another day during the week.

2. Try a new money-saving app
Have you heard of the Ritual app? Ritual is touted as a "social ordering" app that allows users to place meal pickups at many local restaurants in Manhattan. I love Ritual because it’s user-friendly, there’s a reward aspect, …

Money Diary #003 - February in Review

Time passes by so quickly when we don't expect it to! In January, I was heads down taking two grad classes during the winter session. It was a struggle doing presentations and papers, but I am paying so much for grad school the hustle has to be #worthit. Plus read more below about how I also hacked my tuition payment by using a credit card (yeee yeee).

Right after winter session ended, I spent a family weekend in Atlanta, coinciding perfectly with Black History Month. Then Valentine’s Day came and went, and I went on an annual ski/board trip with friends. I thought that with all my traveling, I would be massively over budget- but surprisingly, I didn’t do too bad! My major expense in Feb? Still grad school, by far.

Here's where I landed in February (numbers rounded for simplicity):

Highlights by Bucket:
1. Grad School Savings & Payments
     - $5,290, Tuition payment 2 of 3.
     - $132.25, Plastiq's 2.5% fee for payment via credit card

Last month I shed a single tear …

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