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Money Diary #002 - Mid-month Budget - January 2019

Heyyyoo, Sunday may be over, but one more free day-- thank you MLK, Jr!

Instead of resting up on my long weekend, I’ve actually fully booked myself with errands, grad school work, events, the gym, and some blogging time. I feel pretty darn productive with this Money Diary post off my checklist! Money voyeurs rejoice because I dropped some big bux this month.

I mentioned in a prior post that I use a very comprehensive app (Mint) to do the legwork for me. I check the app to make sure that the purchases don't look suspicious and that I've been charged correctly for certain purchases. That's why it was pretty easy to pull together my spending data.

Here's where I stand mid-January (rounded to the nearest dollar, for simplicity):

This is a pretty simple and easy exercise. I use my existing budget as my benchmark column, my actual spend month-to-date (MTD) with data pulled from Mint goes in the next column, and what I have left in each bucket is in the final variance column (budget minus actual).

Highlights by Bucket:
1. Grad School Savings & Payments
     - Payment #1 of 3 for this semester. Goodbye money. I’ll shed a single tear.

2. Mortgage and HOA fees:
     - Mortgage and rent pull first of month, so check that off!

3. Necessities
     - Monthly utilities, check
     - $49 for my car's oil change. Had to be done.

4. Fun & Frustration
     - $140 Roundtrip plane tickets to my first adventure of the year! (Family to pay me $140 back for another ticket I also bought.)
     - $30 Succulents, Amazon Treasure Truck. Caved into my first fomo of the year, but worth it.
     - $10 Allure's January Beauty Box. Includes 2 Sunday Riley face care products, it was a must.
     - $0 on my car problem! BINGO. I was getting my wheels fixed at a dealership where I had warranty coverage. It was fine until they told me they did non-warranty covered "repairs" and planned to charge me $$$ for-- services that I didn't agree to. It took a total of 3 conversations on separate days, but I talked my way out of it and the charge was waived. Whether they really did the repairs or not, I am thankful to keep my hard earned money in my own pockets.

In summation: If you look at the aggregate, it may seem like my budget is out of whack. It'll continue to look that way until I replenish my grad school bucket. By next year, I'll be done with grad school (fingers crossed), and onward to saving for other life goals!

Thanks for reading. Did ya like my first meme? If you don't, just know that silence is golden. I'm planning a new post already, so I'll catch you later!


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